Drugs (Prod. by Mike Mo)

by Babii Cris

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She puts the liner to her eyes
Shes a devil in disguise
She doesnt know what love is
shes been hurt too many times
Shes used to all the lies
So thats what she becomes
Another girl who hides her pain with all of the
"with all the drugs"
Stuck in a love that shell never get back
So she covers up her face
With a cake load of mac, ha
Pretty smart so they wont ever see her tears
But the make up cant cover up whats been damaged over years
Like the wrinkles in her face
And she just cant escape
The day thats gonna come when shes gonna need a cane
To hold her up when she is down
Who else will be around
If you push away the real
For a temporary rebound
Its not a question baby girl its just a lesson
That you better get to learnin
Before you lose allyour blessings
If you feel it get to steppin
Find you the right direction
You wont get anywhere if all you do is keep on stressin

Takin drugs
Pop a pill to ease the pain
Cuz Once ur heart breaks
U know u never be the same
So u just2x

Its been a couple months
Since the two of u have talked
But he stiiiil hits u up
for the
occasional fuck?
are you seein how u look doin whatever that ur doin
Ur just givin in to ruin
Girl Hes winnin and ur losin
I thot u knew this?
Why u acting clueless?
U knew damn right he aint nothin but a floosie
Come on U gotta stop on givin in girl!
Come On u gotta stop lettin him in girl!
U deserve better
And i know u know u know it
But u wont get anywhere if u dont
do somethin to show it
Set ur standards high
And dont u go for any guy
Cuz He may catch ur eye
But may also tell a good lie
So, dont beleive everything that you see
You gotta Take ur time to notice every little thing, yeah
Love yourself first girl
U deserve the best
Cuz all u need is u
So fuck all the rest, yeah

Takin drugs
Pop a pill to ease the pain
Cuz Once ur heart breaks
U know u never be the same
So u just2x

Now youre just sittin there
Thinkin where you went wrong
Lost and confused
So you light it up and take a puff
You say
All these motherfuckers ever do is show a hoe love
you better keep your word
If he tryna come back
The only place that he belongs
Should be nowhere but your past
Broken glass
From the pictures and the frames
All the memories
You thinkin of the good times
Until a bitch got in between
You didnt see
You were blind in misery
You were Fooled by the lust
And confused by the deceit
But underneath
All the make up and the tears
Eyeliner smeared
I know u got a little fight in u to face ur fears
So baby girl
Dry your eyes
Wipes your tears
Fuck the lies
Face your fears
give it time and you will heal
But never turn around
Dont you look back
Put it all behind you
Leave the bullshit in the past, yeah

Takin drugs
Pop a pill to ease the pain
Cuz Once ur heart breaks
U know u never be the same
So u just2x

Yeah, You just gotta be strong.
Dont let the bullshit get to you
Give it time and youll heal,
But dont let yourself break


released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Babii Cris

Babii Cris: a 23 yr old female rapper, producer & sound engineer from San Francisco, CA, mixing conscious rap with a West Coast hip hop style. She's had a passion for expressing herself through music since the age of 8. She currently has 2 albums out "Triple Threat" produced by Babii Cris and "Fearless" produced by Junknuts, each are on Spotify, iTunes and more, visit her website for more! ... more

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