I Was Your Everything (you were my everything remix)

by Babii Cris



Hey Guys, So I Stayed Up All Night..it was like 4am...And I Started writing to this song since about 9:00pm. This is my remix to "You Were My Everything" By Aviation..There's A "She Was Your Everything" So I Made A "I Was Your Everything".. I Don't Say It In The Song, But I Titled It That, And It's Like The Girl Side Of The Story, A Lot Of People Can Relate To This, I Know I Do Of Course...I Stayed Up So Late Cuz I Just Had A Lot On My Mind, And I Couldn't Sleep Till I Finished This..But I Wrote The Whole Song, Recorded it in my room on logic pro and mixed it down and made this video all in about 7 hours straight?! wooh but yea, i hope you guys enjoy, and like it. i did my best


I was The One That You wanted
The One That You Needed
The One That You Had To Have
Just To succeed And
I Know everything You And I Had
Was special
But You fucked It all Up
And played The victim actin mental
You Had To play That game
Bcuz i'm The One u blame
Pointing fingers
Actin tricky
It will Never Be The same
If u wanna Call my name
It's a little To Late
You made The dumb decisions
When You chose The other way
Took the other path
What? You Think That I would wait?
I already waited honey
There's so Much That ican Take
Don't get Me wrong
I loved You baby
But Things get old
And I been tired lately
Of All The bullshit
You would Never quit
We would always fight, hear The same excuses
It was Me It was You
It was Everything we'd Do
We been thru crazy Shit
And I Still Love You
But I Had To let You Go
Youll Be One I used To know
And The One I shared Those dreams With
Of both growin old
Ha now they're Jus memories
That Are gonna fade
BCuz We weren't Meant To Be
Together Always
But I won't forget
And our love I don't regret
Cuz It made Me stronger
It will Never leave my head
We're number One
In eachothers hearts
But now It's a shame that our loves torn apart

I Needed You to
I missed You To
I Wanted You too
I Love You
but I'm All Out Of energy
Tired Of The cries
Now were Jus a memorie
It's a bittersweet goodbye

You looked into my Eyes
And I gave an angry glare
What used To Be a fire
Just became cold air
If I pushed u Away Like I Never even knew You
Whyd I Take You back after The Shit u put Me thru
I was your best friend
But You broke my trust
You Cudnt Stay true
You left Me Hangin
And For What
A person Who gave You less than Me
I'll Never forget All The things That I seen
I stayed And felt stupid
Wantin To FCKIN kill cupid
And I wonder Why he shot Me
Bcuz I Wudnt Go thru It
If I knew what You wud Do Or How You were
Only If I knew
Maybe things would Have differed
Ha but It sucks
I Miss makin You blush
Now It's Like We ain't ever Gona hit eachther up
But I guess That It's true
This Shit happens For a reason
Altho You were The only One That i Believed in

I Needed You to
I missed You To
I Wanted You too
I Love You
but I'm All Out Of energy
Tired Of The cries
Now were Jus a memorie
It's a bittersweet goodbye

I guess we're gonna become strangers Again
Like We Never happened
Crazy How Shit ends Up
But It was All on You
And The choices u made
Now i'm Gone

Now i'm Gone
So I leave You with this Song
Have a better life
I Hope u Don't end Up alone
Or maybe Ido
Na that's fucked Up
You prolly spend a couple nights Gettin fucked Up Tho
Just Like I was
Whenever You Did Me wrong
And I don't even Know How I was holdin on
This Long but i'm Done
Cuz im lookin For The sun
You were The rain
So i'm on To The next One
but It ain't true
U Think i'm happy with another
I'm happier without You
But I ain't fully recovered
Bet You wish chance
Justo make It All right
But You can't Understand What I been thru on this side
You'll Never Know
What I see thru my Eyes
You recognized my tears When I recognized your lies
And It's time
Ima let u let Me Go
We At The finish line
Were Done. Case closed.


released June 8, 2012
Babii Cris, Aviation



all rights reserved


Babii Cris

Babii Cris: a 23 yr old female rapper, producer & sound engineer from San Francisco, CA, mixing conscious rap with a West Coast hip hop style. She's had a passion for expressing herself through music since the age of 8. She currently has 2 albums out "Triple Threat" produced by Babii Cris and "Fearless" produced by Junknuts, each are on Spotify, iTunes and more, visit her website for more! ... more

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